In Truth, Light, and Love  Every part of your life is important. Every change brings you new growth and opportunities. Sometimes you are just too close to the challenges to get the answers you are seeking. We all have times when we need assistance finding those answers.  Im here to help.    Whether its a question concerning: 	Family move, a career change  	Seeking the best place for relocation, happiness, or success  	Love and relationships, compatibility  	Strengths and weaknesses  	A new baby in the family  	Peace within the family  	Gifts you brought from past lives to use in this lifetime  	The Year ahead of you  	Or the biggest question of all: What am I here for; what is my Soul Purpose, my Destiny?
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Eunice Brooks  With over 30 years experience, Eunice can find answers through an astrological consultation or an intuitive reading.  She gives guidance to people internationally, and is a Teacher and Counselor of the Spiritual and Metaphysical.
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